Meet The Team

Sarley Najib

Sarley Najib

Head Barista

Fav coffee: Kalita Wave: Zesty Eithiopa Hairloom/Fruity Kenya SL28

Coffees/Day: 1 Liter filter + 1 double espresso

Fav time to coffee: Rise with the sun

Fav spot to coffee: Berlin & London have some wonderful roasters with vibrant cafe culture.

Coffee dream: Growing, roasting, extracting & finding exciting coffee profiles.

Nutshell: pulse pouring agitator



Shuga babe & Manageress

Fav coffee: Cortado

Coffees/Day: 4+

Fav time to coffee: Mornings

Fav spot to coffee: In the car / takeaway cup

Coffee dream: Columbia

Nutshell: Healthy / Raw / Running / Smurfette / Mum



Shuga Barista & Foodie

Fav coffee: Cortado

Coffees/Day: 3

Fav time to coffee: Mid Morning 

Fav spot to coffee: Outside / fresh air / great views

Coffee dream: Indonesia

Nutshell: Creative / Snap happy / SUP / Skater.