Compostable Cups

All our takeaway cups and lids are biodegradable and our cups are fully compostable as well. We will be running a full recycling program with our cups on behalf of our customers, all you have to do is bring your empty takeaway cups back to the shop and we’ll make sure they are recycled or composted on your behalf.

Local Produce

First and foremost, we will always try to find a local supplier when possible, even if it’s costs a bit most. All our breads, pastries and vegetables are from local suppliers.

Zero Food Waste

We really don’t like to see food being wasted, that’s why we have set up our zero food waste policy. Any left of food produce will either be composted or passed on to a local charity at the end of each day.

Direct Trade Coffee

Another reason why we love Origin coffees, apart from there incredible taste, the coffees are sourced through direct trade which means buying direct from the farms ensuring a premium quality and a premium price for the growers and better wages for everyone involved in the process.

Employee Investment

The only way to ensure that your coffee is the best it can possibly be, aside from buying the best possible coffee beans, is to provide the best possible training for your baristas. Shuga gives its baristas the opportunity to participate in a two year Baristas Diploma through the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) during which time they learn about the complex arts of coffee brewing, roasting, growing, cupping and many other aspects associated with the Industry. It is through on going personal development and a genuine passion that Shuga maintains its exceptionally high standards.